Because Every Voice Matters

Sahil & Naba for Georgetown

What We Stand For

1. Inclusivity: We want to amplify voices and bring everyone to the table.

2. Accountability: Georgetown can, and should, be better — and that hinges on student government

3. Opportunity: We will help your ideas come to fruition.

This is Our Vision

There’s a fairly standard image of achievement at Georgetown: a dozen clubs, perfect grades, and a Hillternship. But the truth is that everyone has their own definition of what it means to achieve, whether its a creative start-up, a photography passion-project, an individual research project, or starting a new club.

Unfortunately, Georgetown often poses far more barriers to achieving in unconventional ways — and we want to change that.

We believe student government can remove barriers to success for every person and every organization — helping you achieve according to your own definition. We want to make GUSA work for all of us.

Why You Should Vote For Us

We're in this together.

We aren’t your typical GUSA candidates.

But this isn’t about the two of us; it’s about all of us

Let’s write the next chapter of our time at Georgetown together — because every voice matters.