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Sahil Nair

My Georgetown story isn’t picture-perfect. Freshman year was tough, as I struggled in class and in finding my place on campus. A 4.0, sixteen clubs, an internship — I certainly didn’t fit that Georgetown idea of achievement. But my “imperfect” experience shapes how I approach student leadership. I’m in this race because I know both where Georgetown falls short and where this university excels. Let’s connect with underrepresented communities on campus to build a GUSA that brings all voices to the table, working for all Hoyas. Together, we can make the incredible opportunities the Hilltop offers more accessible while advocating for students when Georgetown can do better.

Naba Rahman

Hi everyone! My name is Naba (though ever since elementary school, people have been unable to pronounce my name, so I am now affectionately called Nubs as well) and I am excited to be a candidate for the GUSA Executive alongside one of my best friends. Growing up in small-town Mississippi as a Pakistani, Muslim woman, I always felt like I was on the outside looking in. I found that even though I had ideas and passions and dreams, I was never heard. Fortunately, the situation changed for me — but I never want anyone else to feel that powerless. The theme of empowerment connects my Georgetown experience, from my involvement with SIPS to OWN IT to Model UN. But there are currently parts of this campus that still feel silenced when it comes to student government. I’ve seen how empowerment works in other organizations, and I want to bring this to GUSA.

We’ve known each other for five years and have been friends ever since. Together, our complementary experiences allow us to reach underrepresented corners of campus and lead a student government that serves everyone. We want to get to know you -- say hi to us around campus, friend us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, send us an email. You’ve met us, now we want to meet you.